The Role Patterns

We live in modern times, right? In our world, everyone deserves a fair chance. Unfortunately, sometimes this equality isn’t for everyone to enjoy. 

Even in 2018, the standard roles or the role patterns aren’t changed much. 

The man is usually the one who brings in the largest amount of money for the family. The woman stays home or works parttime. 

We focus on emancipation, but in some cases, this emancipation isn’t something that is very common.

The Diligent Father wants to tell a different story. A story of possibilities to change the standard role patterns.


Our story or our message is simple: these role patterns may have been around for centuries, but are they how things should be?

In past times, people burned women when they were found guilty of witchcraft. This changed over the years and that is a good thing. When it comes to the career options of a woman, some things didn’t really change. One of the main issues is the clinging to these “standard” role patterns. They aren’t “standard.” There is no reason to believe that these are “standards.”

This is our mission: to brake these standard role patterns


" It is a wise father that knows his own child. "

Know your child

There is only one way possible to know your child. To know what is going on. That is a fairly simple way: to show interest and respect. 

Understand what equality means

Equality isn’t just a word. It isn’t an excuse. It’s a way of life. A life filled with respect and love. 

The Diligent Father

The Diligent Father is a platform that focus on equality, emancipation and most of all: the fathers

However, we realise that sometimes there isn’t a father. Sometimes it’s the mother who does everything. There is not just one reason for this. 

Because this platform is an open platform, The Diligent Father, also applies to these women who are forced into a situation. 

Remember, it’s all about respect. Why are “we fathers” better? We’re not! 


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