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The Diligent Father

The Diligent Father?


Definition of diligent

characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort painstaking 
diligent worker



Source: Merriam Webster
The Diligent Father

What is The Diligent Father ?

This website uses the title The Diligent Father. This website isn’t here just for diligent fathers. It’s here for fathers in general and mothers as well. It’s a website that informs, entertains and brings you all the backgrounds you need. 

The story

Yes, it’s possible to write an interesting background story, including some historical facts about the start of this website. We can also skip that information and tell you why this website exists. 


We live in a world where many people write blogs on daily basis. The Diligent Father tells the story from the point of view of a father, keeping in mind that the background stories may differ. 

The Diligent Father was founded by Harm Jagerman. He is not only a Dutch photographer and writer. He is also a father of two children. Together with his partner, he decided to be a fulltime father. The company activities are performed in those moments when he’s not taking care of the children. All other activities, those who did concern the two children, were and are part of De Goede Huisvader.

Are you a Diligent Father?

Are you? And do you write about your role as a father? Then contact The Diligent Father, to find out more about blogging or guest bloggin on this website!