The Diligent Father is an independent platform that informs and entertains. The central subject on this website: parenting. This platform publishes articles written by those who find it important to believe in equality and emancipation. There can be a difference, there must be a difference!

"The Diligent Father is a father who is responsible, who works hard and is open to changes. Standard role patterns, they don't apply or shouldn't apply. "

Ah, those role patterns...

The man leaves the house in the morning and is off to work. His wife stays home and takes care of the children. 

Does this sound familiar? 


There is a different story to tell

Yes there is! That’s why there is The Diligent Father. 

This platform (or you may just call it a website) is here to show you there are different options to consider. 

Yes, there is a different story to tell. The Diligent Father is a website that entertains and informs from the point of view of a (family) father. 

However, there are situations that there is no father. That children grow up without a father. Sometimes, this is a free choice. Sometimes it’s not. 

The Diligent Father isn’t just here for the men out there. It’s for every parent that finds it important to break with the standard role patterns. 

So, why The Diligent Father?

This website needed a name. It was founded by Harm Jagerman, who started the Dutch website De Goede Huisvader. He wanted to do more and started writing in English too. That wasn’t enough.

Emancipation is an important subject and it starts with the realization that standard role patterns need to be broken. This is possible.

The Diligent Father is an independent platform that publishes articles about parenting and children. Yes, they are mostly written from the point of view of (a) father. There are enough websites written by mothers about parenting. This website is there to show it’s also possible for fathers.

As said, there isn’t a father “around” sometimes. That’s why we open our view not only to the writing men.

The Diligent Father

A different story

The role patterns are meant to be changed! The Diligent Father tries to do its best to present a different story.

Guest blogging is possible!

Yes, we offer the chance for you to write about your life as a parent. Contact The Diligent Father for more information.

Focus on emancipation

Equality is for everyone. Unfortunately this isn't for everyone!

Social media!

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